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The zodiac signs and their minerals | Leo

Actualizado: 5 abr 2022

People born between July 23 and August 23 fall into the zodiac sign Leo. This sign characterises by having great vitality, overflowing with energy and creativity. In addition, people under this sign tend to be proud, which sometimes causes them very bad experiences. Leos are usually a little vain but they are also very funny. They worship glory and power.

The crystals that are in tune with Leo are: rock crystal, tiger eye, amber and citrine.

Rock crystal

Rock crystal quartz is perhaps one of the purest crystals that exist. This is due to its refined and pointed structure. It is transparent with polished sides and it posesses piezoelectric properties, meaning that they turn mechanical energy into electromagnetism.

It is also believed that due to its structure and resonance it has the ability of increasing the energy of other crystals it comes in contact with. Moreover, it is said that it neutralises negative energies and increases the positive ones.

Tiger eye

The name of this crystal relates to the skills tigers possess, and for its great resemblance to their eyes. It is a stone that works great against evil eye which is in charge of eliminating bad energies and return them to those who sent them in the first place. Tiger eye helps maintain strength and balance in the body.

Tiger eye is a brown toned crystal that works as a protector of any danger that we may encounter, estimulates wealth and helps us meet financial goals that we have set. Mentally, this crystal keeps balance of all things and removes fear and hesitation.

  • It is in charge of pushing away negative energy and atracting positive vibes

  • It is an excellent talisman to attract wealth and good fortune

  • Increases concentration, creativity and inspiration

  • It helps increase confidence in ourselves, getting rid of fear

  • It helps diminish shyness


Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser that wipes away diseases from the body, just like it does with the ambiance and chakras. It absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive ones. Psychologically, it contributes to life estability, but also motivates us, linking the object of desire with the impulse of getting it.

When it comes to the mind, it estimulates the intellect, keeping away depressing leading to a positive state of mind. It brings patience and balance into ones life. Spiritually speaking, amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of chakras. Wear it for long periods of time, especially on your wrists or near your bossom.


Citrine is one of the world's rarest semi-precious stones due to its bright yellow, or even sometimes orange colour which is usually very uncommon to find as quartz tends to be transparent or white in tone.

Additionally, because it is very unusual to find, it is believed that it has a wide variety or energetic properties that are protective of those who wear it, making it a desirable crystal among collectors. After amethyst, it is the second most popular crystal.

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